Millennium Bowl Online


The rules of Millennium Bowl are unwritten due to their simplicity, but this may change in the future as the need arises. Currently, they can best be summarized as such:
  1. Every game is a war between Matt and Mike - no others are allowed to play in a Millennium Bowl game1.
    • Each game consists of four quarters, each five minutes in length
    • Each bowl game will be played at the proper stadium; if the stadium where the game occurs is not present in the game, the best2 substitute will be used.
  2. If both players wish to play with the same team, the winner of a "coin" toss will be allowed to choose teams.
  3. Each game is to be played in the basement of Matt's house - "The Dungeon."3
The rules exist much as the English constitution: many are not written, but have been developed by precedent and tradition. Any significant changes, however, will be incorporated into the enumerated rules.

1Unfortunately, a third party (Nate) was allowed to play in 2 games during the First Annual Bowl Season after his promise to "run to A.K. Steel and back naked if I lose." Obviously, this was a mistake which will not be repeated.

2Location is generally the most important consideration in selecting an alternate bowl game venue; however, other factors may be taken into consideration (e.g. type of stadium, past location of bowl games, etc.)

3During Millennium Bowl, some games were played in the attic of Mike's house, most notably the Georgia Tech - Miami game that Matt "should have won" according to Game Notes, as well as the Sugar Bowl (which, unfortunately, was overrated anyway).